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Patricia Fawkes




With a mix of Led Zeppelin with Depeche Mode (yes, you read that right…), some of her influences also include pop rock, blues, new wave, downtime, art rock and dream pop.

Along with her producer, Edu Recife (P.A., Blackdust, KrIsiun), they worked together on an audacious album, to be released in a series of singles. The atmosphere of her songs carry some surprising features, managing to balance rock, pop and synth in a way that pleases both rock lovers and pop & electro lovers, something like mixing coffee, vanilla and blueberry, got it? Patricia Fawkes has a lot to say. Her intense lyrics dwell on themes like philosophy, love, self awareness, hope, and social issues. Organic drums that sound like synthetic drums and vice versa; melodic electric guitars, bass for an even more intense rhythm; dramatic keyboards and strings, beautiful backing vocals, all set to receive Fawkes’ deep, dramatic, emphatic, and at times sexy voice. Finally, floating synthesizers carry you in a way you feel embraced, complete, aware and confident, just like a sunset complicity. Get to know your true self, evolve!